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94 – Trivia App Review


Today we will be talking about 94 – Trivia App Review. The game is offered in both the Apple Store and the Google Play store. If you would like to find out more about the game you can find it in the Google store here and the Apple store here.

94 - Trivia App Review
94 – Trivia App Review

This is a very different Trivia game to any other you have ever played. 94° favours people who rely on visual stimulants to jot their memory. Unlike other games all questions come with a graphic display of the possible multiple answers. You’re cold, you’re getting warmer, you’re burning up…” Does that bring back memories?

Dive into this addictive game and have fun while testing your general knowledge!

 Owned by Scimob, released in 2015 and taking up 36MB of your disk space “94°” is the third part of the “94s” sequel. Following the success of 94s and 94% with almost 30 million downloads, from SCIMOB, 94°, is the trivia game for testing your general knowledge

How does “94°” work?

A game with simple rules and no registration: one image with one hot zone and it’s up to you to place your pins! The closer you are, the warmer you get! Yep, you guessed it, the correct answer is at 94°!

The game gets progressively harder, with different quiz questions like:
– Where is China?
– Where is the guitar?
– Where are the triceps?
– The average weight of a hippopotamus?
– The colors in Google’s logo?
– The maximum speed of an eagle?
– The height of the Statue of Liberty?
– The location of the stigma on a flower?

You can’t know everything (at least before you play), so you get two jokers to start with:
-The compass, if you’re lost, to show you the path to follow.
-The dice that, once rolled, hint at the exact location of the response.

“94°” – Graphics

94° Graphics

Overall the game relies  heavily on a series of images that work as heatmaps of all the possible answers. One would expect to see some kind of colour coding on the answers to make them easier to distinguish. Something like that does not exist. If you are suffering from a “fat finger” syndrome then this is not going to be your day as you accidently select the adjacent answer. 

I have only tried this app on my phone which admittedly has a smaller size screen than a laptop or a tablet. So perhaps if you are playing on your desktop PC or tablet then you may not be facing the problem mentioned above.

Animation is not existing and the music / effects are very simple. The images themselves are a mixed bag of words or sketches with very little graphics. There are no avatars to customise your appearance, though you can sing in with your google account.

“94°” – Categories

94° Categories

94° does not allow the user to select a category for answering a question. The categories seem to get repetitive with geography, human anatomy and languages playing an important part. There are no niche categories and the questions are generic. 

The developer advertises that the difficulty increases as the game progresses. Following a few happy hours of play, I have not noticed any significant increase in the difficulty level. 

For the statistics gurus that like to monitor their performance and ranking you can do that for a small fee. You can also check how many pins you have spent and what is your average heatmap score.

“94°” – Cost of playing

Store is very simple in its offerings and deals. Everything costs real fiat money and you can buy pins and coins. Of course there are “deals” to be sought if you really want to maximise your dollar’s value.

User can play the app for free and answer multiple questions before they ran out of pins. However as your pins decrease even if you answer correct straight away, you will be tempted to visit the store to feed your addiction sooner rather than later.

Eventually your pins get topped up again as long as you are patience does not run thin fast! If the app offered alternatives to acquire pins using coins or watching videos it would have made playing more fun.

94° Cost

“94°” – Educational Quality

When it comes to children’s education this app can be a fantastic tool to help them with main subjects such as Math, Human Anatomy, Biology, Geography, Foreign Languages etc.

The heatmap with the temperature display are a good clue to guide you to the right answer without giving it away. The warmer you get to 94° the closer you get to finding the right answer.

94°is based on generic questions like any other Trivia game. You can almost be certain that the first few questions would not be hard to answer, just to keep you engaged. However you get no fancy pictures, no wikipedia info and little time to think about it. Naturally, there is little value in playing the game if you are a child. Also, you will probably forget the right answer a few seconds after the round is finished since you will get distracted by another prompt to spend gems or watch videos.

94° Educational Quality

“94°” – Gameplay / Advertisements

Gameplay of “94” is very simple, the longer the streak of correct answers you get the more money / gems / mystery boxes you unlock. There is also the ranking motivation to keep you active as you can see yourself moving up the list after every victory. It can get a bit monotonous in that the formatting of the questions is repetitive: there are 4 possible answers and one is right. The app can get very addictive as the rounds usually finish within minutes and the next game can start almost straight away. This feature makes Millionaire an ideal candidate for binge gaming during your work lunch breaks or when commuting. A little but of the magic is lost due to the excessive amount of prompts to buy products and the videos to speed up the unlocking of mystery boxes. If you don’t mind spending some money on the game then the advertising bit becomes less of an issue.

94° Gameplay


94° Conclusion

“94” is one of the competitive type of games with the Head to Head challenges being constant. Whether you are playing against a real person or a bot is not easy to tell as there is no interaction or chat between users. My impression was that my winning percentage was slightly better than the 50% probability you would normally expect on a 2 player game. This suggests the use of bots as opponents. The game itself is good fun if you are short in time and just need a quick “trivia” fix to pass the time and challenge your brains. Unfortunately, it does not check the knowledge box, if a player is interested in schooling as well as passing time. Which is your favorite Trivia game? If you would like to read more trivia reviews like Millionaire – Trivia App Review please take a look at the articles below: